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Notify me of new posts by email. Wondering what the significance is. I have 3 moles on the under my lift eye. What does that mean? I m having a small black coloured mole on the left eyeball extremely in the corner towards the nose bridge… Just almost at the beginning of pink colour of the beginning of eyes… So what does this means… I will be having illegal affairs or death of my children or both????

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And yes I am having an extra marital affair so is the other one also true for my children… And is there any remedy. I have 3 moles on my neck dead in the center at front of neck which makes a triangle and I have the same but on my right temple but tilted abit what does these two mean??? Hi, I have 2 moles on my left side of my nose and one on my left cheek, I have 2moles on right feet, and 1 on left feet…so funny what will be ur prediction for my moles in nose and foot….. It is in point of fact a nice and helpful piece of information.

I am glad that you shared this useful info with us. On my left leg knee back side I have a triangle shaped light dark by birth and some moles in it what it represents. Study of Mole Astrology for Men and Women.


Moles on Body To Worry About. Relationship Between Zodiac and Moles. Probably, planets in these houses are visible. Houses 1 to 6 are below the horizon and planets there in can not be seen. So, also, the planets in the houses 1 to 6 indicate moles on the back side, which the person can not see directly. Benefic Jupiter or Venus or Mercury or waxing Moon in the 3rd house gives a mole in the upper part of the ear.

Where as malefics in the 3rd house produce a mole in the lower tip of the ear. In the case of ordinary persons, having the mole in the upper portioon of the ear, they will surely have free flow of money and will not have any pressure for finance during the Dasha of the benefic in the 3rd house, which produces this mole. Therefore moles in the ear are said to be fortunate, one day or the other, sooner or later depending on the planet who has caused it. If malefics occupy the 3rd house, the mole will be in the lower tip of the ear.

This does not threaten any loss to money or honour but danger to life by drowning, sudden tragic end is protended. Therefore during the period of the malefic in the 3rd house, try to keep off the water, avoid travelling by boat or swimming. FINGER : Mole in the finger indicates that one can not be straight forward, he will be cunning and clever; he will not be honest. He can not save money and be rich. Mole in the thumb gives one a stubborn attitude. Due to rash action, he will get into trouble. He will be independent and agressive. He may at times be foolshardy.

Moles in the finger of Jupiter brings bad reputation by the indecisive nature. He is often thwarted by the myriads of obstacles and impediments. There is loss by speculation and litigation. There will be difficulty in getting one's heritance.

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Mole in the middle finger indicates that one needs diplomacy and business acumen. One will be selfish and miserly. Falsification of accounts, mis-appropriation etc. Moles in the ring finger show that one is susceptible to infectious diseases. There will be dismissel or removal in service and financial trouble.

He meets with all varieties of disappointments. Moles in the little finger threatens trouble caused by indigestion and nervous break-down. One may commit forgery or theft. He will cheat others and will never hesitate to carry tales. He can not be relied upon. SHIN : Moles in the shin indicate that he will not suffer even in adverse periods but will have providential help to enjoy his life.

In lucky periods he is more lucky than others. He will be liberal, hence not very rich.

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Yet he will never be in want. In Chinese and Indian — and sometimes Islamic — mole astrology, it is believed that the development of moles is determined by ecclesial bodies — planets in particular.

Furthermore, the planets influence the shape, size, location, color and nature of a mole. They may also be used to interpret the symbolism they represent regarding the person. The meaning of a mole refers to the destiny that awaits the person having it. In this case, it may symbolize personality traits like honesty, integrity, shyness or selfishness.

Typically, the moles that may have certain meanings are those found on the body as birthmarks when a child is born. All the same, those that develop later may also have certain meanings. It is not easy to tell the significance of a mole on the body of an individual.

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However, the secret of a mole can be unraveled by mole reading. It involves the interpretation of the meaning of a mole using its characteristics. Nevertheless, it is may also necessary to find out whether the mole is hairy or not.

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Often, the hair on a mole may not be present at birth but develops late. What is the meaning of moles on body? We shall begin by describing the meanings of moles located on various parts of the body.


Chinese Facial Mole Reading

However, the meanings also apply to female persons. Nevertheless, when a meaning applies only to one gender, i. A mole on head is actually located on the scalp of the head. So, the meaning of moles on head is the same as mole on scalp meanings. A mole on head may be hidden by your hair and may only visible if your head is shaved. Otherwise, it will be hidden and may not be seen easily. Nevertheless, the meaning of a mole on head still holds even when it is hidden under the hair. The following are the meanings of a mole located on head or scalp of head:. Moles on face are located at different positions within the face and have various meanings.