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These will come as Photostat Copies in Spiral binding to you, since the Originals are not available, either due to reprinting not done or no copies available anywhere for sale. This book has always been out of print and one has to find ways and means of acquiring the same.

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The traditional Astrologers most of them most of the times find themselves at cross roads when it comes to Predictions, though they are experts at Theory work. But this is not astrology. One is interested in our Predictions and not in our lectures on character or nature analysis when one comes to us with his chart. This book will teach you how to predict in the most simplest manner ever you may have ever imagined. Once you understand this book after a couple of readings through the numerous illustrations given in same, you will be able to consider yourself as a KP Astrologer.

Comments — I recommend this book for any astrologer who wishes to fine tune his predictions. You will thank me after you have gone through it. Comments — Again this author is renowned and so are his books. This particular book is valuable for those who know Western astrology, aspects, terms etc.

Comments — This is a must have book for a medical Astrologer by this renowned author. This is the best Book on Yogi, Avayogi, and has many other techniques which defy the Traditional Knowledge, including a Mathematical Formula on how to check Impotency in a Man. The author needs no introductions. Comments- Who does not know this man? His previous books are also in much demand in the market at any given time.

Subramanya Sastri. I have got quite a few translations of the Brihata Jatak, but not any as good as this one. The second edition of this book was published in The best part of this book is that after every shloka the Notes given by the author compile almost every other author in the rendering of the meaning of the shloka, given alongwith explanations. This is like few teachers explaining the same shloka to us in first person. The index of this Book itself contains 32 Pages and one can immediately search for the shlokas of any event one is looking for.

Comments — This is a must have book to refer to by any novice or Expert in astrology. This Book will help only those Astrologers who want to learn Calculations on this. It will not help one who is looking for learning predictive Part. Comments — All his books needless to say are worth keeping in one's personal Library. The name is Self explanatory and the author is renowned for his simplicity yet effective approach towards astrology.

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Books on Stock Markets and Speculations. Ganga Prasad. Best application of Numbers to forecasting Market prices and winners in Lotteries and Horse racing etc. This book was written it seems before 's in time of Rupees and annas. Some use of Western astrology Aspects as well as Dhruvank etc. The author has given rules of forecasting daily rise and fall in prices of commodities and Shares.

A good number of examples have been presented as illustrations. Comments — I have not personally used the principles mentioned therein for am not into Racing, Lottery or into Shares. At least not presently. This book too it seems as been written in and extra Saturnine planets have been taken into account. This book does not deal with regards to gambling or Racing, but only connected to Shares, Stocks, Cotton, and Bullion Markets.

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The author mentions that this is his Life time study. The author is obviously a Bengali writer and seems knowledgable. Western astrology has been used here too.

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This Book deals totally with aspects, and conjunctions formed in different signs by different planets, what they mean in every sign and how they will affect the prices fall or rise or keep them steady. This is a rare book and an advanced book on astrology conjoined with astronomy not easy for all to understand.

This was first published in This book contains illustrations on how to find the longevity of a Native to his day of death.

It also contains illustrations on how to find the marriage day of a native. This book is not meant for an Ordinary student. Pages Comments -This book whether one may understand or not, is worth keeping. First published in This is a basic book on Indian astrology but among the best I found in 25 years of journey through books. Here certain approaches are mentioned in such a simpler and novel manner and methods that one cannot help but marvel at the truths which so strikingly we may have missed all these years though in front of us always.

Comments — I recommend this for all New entrants and Experts also for reading and understanding all the Lagnas, houses, concepts, ways of examining the Horoscope, and how to predict.

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First edition in This book is small in number of Pages but very vast in information. It contains the Original Predictive Principles of Nadi Astrology which may be an eye opener to all, because a glaring fact may open up in front of You, that nadi astrology of the ancients was actually all based on nakshatras and Gunas of the Planets. Comments — All may not understand this. So only who prefer Nakshatra in Nadi may request for this book. This is not readily available so may not be available at all times.


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This is again a very old book which is a compendium of articles on Mars by the great authors of those times. Lakshamanan Visit website. See more. Get astrology predictions, daily love compatibility, horoscopes by zodiac signs. JyotishApp - Astrology Jyotish.

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